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Ab Curl - Mat

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Abdominal Curl  

Primary Muscles:
Hip Flexors, Rectus Abs

Ab Curl Muscles

Rotator Cuff, Transverse
Abdominals, obliques, Lumbar Multifidus                                          

 Difficulty Level: (3/10)   

Scale 3

10-15 Reps - General toning


  • From the set-up position place your hands on your head. 
  • Lift your head, shoulders and spine so that your chest comes up towards the knee. 
  • Once you have gone up as far as you slowly return to the starting position as you inhale. 
  • It’s important to use the core muscles to aid the movement. 
  • Some people might find it easier to support their head by placing their hands on the back of the head. 
Teaching Points   
  • Keep a 'C' shape in the spine 

  • Initiate movement from the torso not the shoulders 

  • Avoid rounding the shoulders 

  • Keep your eyes looking forward and up

  • Keep your feet on the foor

  • Exhale as you rise and inhale as you lower

  • If supporting head with hands, ensure the movement generates from the torso, not the head.

  •  Ask someone to hold your feet 
  • Straighten your legs thus removing the support of the hip flexors
  • Place your hands in the air behind your head