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Change4Life - Back to School Campaign

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Families are being urged to mark the start of the new school year with a promise to take steps towards a healthier lifestyle.  


There are five simple changes that families are being encouraged to choose from, including swapping the car for walking or limiting screen time and choosing something active instead of being sat in front of the television. .  


Change4Life has created the five changes to promote healthier eating and moving more, such as making healthier lunches with nutritious snacks and incorporating fun tenminute activities into their day to help build the goal of at least 60 minutes a day.  


Once signed up, families will receive support from the scheme via email and text messages for six weeks from the start of term, as well as destails of special offers, competitions and virtual rewards for the children.  


To sign up visit   


The five Smart Restart changes families can choose from are:  

  • Stretch your legs – encouraging families to swap car or bus journeys for walking, scooting or cycling.   
  • Ten-minute moves – incorporating fun ten minute activities into lives to help build to the goal of at least 60 active minutes a day.   
  • Screen-time switch – encouraging limiting screen time and swapping time in front of the TV, tablet or computer for something active.   
  • Beat the treats – encouraging families to swap unhealthy treats for healthy alternatives.   
  • Super lunches – help keep children going through the school day with ideas for quick and tasty lunches.   

 Watch the Back to School video here