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Children and Exercise

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Children's health is becoming increasingly important with research showing that many habits and behaviours developed at a young age track into adulthood. Evidence shows that children who are physically active have a better chance of becoming healthy adults, yet a significant proportion of children are not reaching recommended levels of activitychild playing

In England approximately a third of children are either overweight or obese and it is estimated that these figures will rise to almost two-thirds of children by the year 2050. People who are overweight or obese increase the risk of a range of diseases that can have a significant health impact on individuals. Our increasing sedentary lifestyles mean than some children will soon start to show signs of type 2 diabetes which can contribute to a whole host of complications.


How can I help?  

The best way to try and encourage your child to become more active is to find activities they enjoy and build physical activity into family life. Most children love running around a park or playing in a playground.Team sports, such as football, basketball and volleyball, can also be great fun. If your child doesn’t like team sports, there are plenty of other activities, such as dance and martial arts. You would  be surprised what activities are available in your area. Leisure centres are now offering more and more classes suitable for younger children

Modern technology is also providing alternative ways of helping children and families become more active. The Ninetendo Wii, The Xbox Kinext and the Sony Playstation's 'Move' all offer interactice games that help children more more whilst having fun at the same time  


Walking and Cycling  

One of the best way to build physical activity into your children lives is by cycling or walking to school. Use the walk planner to find out the easiest routes in your nearest town or city.