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Convenience Foods

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If you are in a hurry and find you have limited time for preparing a meal, you can still choose healthy low fat options. Tips for Choosing convenience meals  

Try not to have convenience meals more than three times a week, as they tend to be high In fat and sugar  

  • Serve them with extra vegetables and salad    
  • Choose low fat options e.g. ‘healthy eating’ or ‘lean cuisine’ or ‘weight watchers’. If the meal services two, ensure that only half is eaten, or save it for another meal.   

Healthier convenience meal ideas 

  • Grilled fish fingers with instant mash and mixed vegetables    
  • Mixed bean salad with grilled potato waffles and low calorie coleslaw    
  • Fish in breadcrumbs, with low fat oven chips and vegetables or salad    
  • Vegetarian or ham and pineapple thin crust pizza with salad    
  • Pasta with tuna in a tomato based sauce with salad or green beans    
  • Chicken in tomato based sauce with rice and sweet corn and broccoli.    
  • Fish in parlsey sauce with jacket potato, peas and carrots    
  • Baked beans, poached egg or sardines in tomato sauce on granary or multigrain toast    
  • Low fat shepherds pie or lasagna with salad or vegetables