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Double Leg Stretch - Fitball

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Double Leg Stretch Stretch Ball 

rimary Movers:

Rectus Abdominals,
Quadriceps, Gluteals, Deltoids

Stabiliser Muscles:
Hip Flexors, TVA, deltoids, rotator cuffs
Level of Difficulty:  (6/10) 

scale 6

Frequency: 8-10 Repetitions


  • Lie on your back and activate the pelvic floor and TVA muscles. 
  • Keep your legs bent at 90° with the soles of your feet rested on the front of the ball. 
  • Inhale to prepare and slowly bring your arms off the floor towards your ears. 
  • Exhale as you circle the arms away from the body and towards your feet. 
  • As your arms point towards the ball, extend your legs and raise your shoulders and upper bac off the ground.  
  • Take another breath to prepare and then as you exhale return your legs and upper body back to the starting position 

Teaching Points

  • Keep the shoulders relaxed 
  • Maintain neutral spine 
  • Keep the TVA and Pelvic FLoor muscles engages