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Eating out and Takeaways

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Top tips for eating out 
Try to just have one or two courses perhaps including either a healthy starter or light dessert, to go with the main course. 

  • For a healthy starter choose a low fat soup, salad or fruit . Or share one.  Burger
  • Order a starter portion as your main meal if you know portions served are larger than you would normally eat. 
  • Opt for a roll or potatoes without butter  
  • Avoid creamy soups or sauces. Opt for a tomato or barbeque sauce instead 
  • Try jacket potatoes instead of chips 
  • Choose grilled fish, instead of fried or sautẽ. 
  • Choose ‘low calorie’ sandwiches and opt for granary or multigrain bread.  
  • Avoid extras such as chips, naan bread, poppadoms, samosas, spring rolls or garlic bread with pizzas, curries etc. 
  • For dessert try fruit salad, sorbets or share a dessert with a friend. 
  • Limit the amount of alcohol you drink, as it is high in calories. Choose diet drinks and ‘slimline’ mixers instead 
  • Share a takeaway portion as they are often larger than meals cooked at home eg. Fish and chips, curry and rice  


 Choose healthier choices such as

Limit higher fat choices


Chow mein

Lean meat in black bean sauce

Boiled rice or noodles



Fried spring rolls

Dim sum

Prawn crackers

Fried rice


Rogan josh

Tikka and tandoori

Steamed/boiled rice



Masala/korma sauce

Coconut milk dishes

Pilau Rice

Naan bread 



Bean dip, tomato salsa





Sour cream

Tortilla chips


Pizza and Pasta

Vegetable toppings

Ham or chicken


Tomato based sauces 

Pizza and Pasta

Salami, chorizo toppings

Extra cheese

Garlic bread or chips

Cream based sauces

salad dressings 

Burgers/Chicken Bars

Hamburger with small fries and diet drink

Fried chicken with no mayo, baked beans and diet drink

Burgers/Chicken Bars

Cheeseburger with large fries and milk shake

Fried chicken with coleslaw and milkshake