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Egg Curl v2 Fitball

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Reverse Crul

Primary Muscles:
Rectus Abdominals, Hamstrings

Lower back

Level of Difficulty: (4/10)   

scale 4

     • 10-15 Reps - General toning


  • Lie on your back with your arms resting by your side with the palms facing the floor 
  • Lif both your legs off the floor so that your thighs are pointing toward the ceiling and your shins are parellel to the floor 
  • Place the fitball on top of your shins (but not between) 
  • When ready, gently lower your legs moving your thighs away from the stomach. 
  • Slowly return the legs to the starting position 
Teaching Points    
  • Keep the angle of the knees at 90° 
  • For support press your lower back into the mat (imprint) 
  • Breath out as you lower the legs toward the floor and breath in as you return to the starting position



  • Reduce the range of movement 
  • Place te ball inbetween your legs 


  • Lift your shoulders and back slightly off the floor as your bring the ball toward you