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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I know how many of each exercise I should do?
he number of repetitions (reps) or the amount of time you should spend performing an exercise varies from individual. When using weights for an exercise, a general rule of thumb is 8-12 reps for beginners. Some people may find that they need to repeat this and therefore undertake a second set.

When should I exercise? Are some times of day better than others?
This is a frequently asked question, with the answer being that there is no time that is better for working out than others when it comes to the calories burned or how your muscles work. Due to our hectic lifestyle we simply can’t always choose the time when we want to exercise and therefore you need find time to exercise is the best time for you – the most important factor is finding a plan that works and sticking to it. This underpins the whole philosophy of Nudge Fitness, whereby we need find how best to incorporate healthy habits into our lifestyle via existing activities.

At what intensity should I work at during aerobic activity?
To reap the health benefits is it advised that activities are undertaken at ‘moderate intensity’. This means that you should be breathing a little harder, but also still able to hold a conversation. Your body should little warmer and your heart rate will have increased. Lets not forget, that by exercising above this threshold the health benefits are even greater.

How do I know how much weight I should use for an exercise?
The amount of weight you should use for an exercise depends on a wide variety of factors including:

  • The size of the muscle group you are working
  • How strong you are
  • Any injuries you might have
  • The number of reps and sets you hope to complete

A good way of knowing whether you are using the right weight is:

  • The last 2-3 reps are very difficult
  • You can maintain good form
  • You are not in pain

Why is the website called Nudge Fitness?
Through our research we found that most information on the web is dedicated to fitness enthusiasts with unrealistic expectations on the end result. Nudge Fitness™ offers something different by providing information and advice on making small changes to your lifestyle that will contribute toward greater
 health gains in the future.

How can Nudge Fitness help me?
Nudge Fitness™ is all about helping you to become more active and support you in acheiving a healthy lifestyle. Modern lifestyles hinder our ability to lead an active life and our goal is to provide people with support and information that will help nudge them in the right direction. The concept of Nudge Fitness™ is to give a helping a hand or 'nudge' to help you become more active over a sustained period of time. The idea is not to just become fitter for a short period of time, but to actively pursue small lifestyle changes that can be ingrained into everyday activities.

Are all the exercises safe to undertake at home?
As with all exercise programmes, care needs to be undertaken when deciding to participate in exercise for the first time. It is important that you consult your doctor beforehand. We also recommend that you read our pre-activity readiness questionnaire that will help you identify whether there are any potential contraindications to exercise

Is the website free?
Nudge Fitness™ is completely free and has a wealth of information, exercise videos and advice. Our philosophy is to simply help people become more active. We do offer a range of purchasable services such as i-nudge or for more personalised services visit 'our services' page for our clients in the UK

How can I contact Nudge Fitness?
If you would like to contact Nudge Fitness™ or provide feedback on our website please contact us

Nudge Fitness How can I advertise on Nudge Fitness? 
We offer a range of affordable and competitive advertisement packages. For more information contact us.