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French Press

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French Press    

Primary Muscles:


tri ext muscles

Deltoids, Biceps,Trapezius

Level of Difficulty: (4/10) 

scale 4

 10-15 Reps - General toning


  • Lie on your back with you feet on the bench or floor. 
  • Hold one dumbbell with two hands with your arms outstretched towards the ceiling 
  • Keeping your upper arms still, bend at the elbow and lower the dumbell toward and slightly behind your forehead 
  • As the dumbbell positions behind the head extend the arms back to the starting position 
Teaching Points 
  • Breath out as you extend your arms and breath in as you bend.
  • Keep the upper arms absolutely still 
  • Keep the lower back well supported and press into the back if requiried
  • Perform the exercise upright and seated 
  • Use a barbell
  • Increase the weight 
  • Decrease repetition speed