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Healthy Workplace Programmes

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The workplace provides an ideal location in which fitness professioanals have a ‘captive audience’ and is able to work with large groups of people in one convenient location. Half our waking hours are spent at work and many jobs involve long periods of being inactive. This can lead to a number of health and business implications. Our Healthy Workplace Programmes are delivered onsite, at each business by fully qualified health and fitness professionals enabling employees to receive the best possible advice and support.

Research has shown that there are numerous benefits to be gained from healthy workplace schemes, not just for the employees, but also for the organisation itself:


  • Enhanced corporate image
  • More effective workforce
  • Positive effect on productivity and staff turnover
  • 10-20% reduction in absence rates
  • Healthy employees are 8 hours more productivethan unhealthy ones
  • Better retention of staff
  • Reduced workplace injuries

Benefits to staff

  • Higher morale and team rapport
  • Gains in both physiological and psychological health
  • Access to nutritional and physical activity advice
  • Access to other Stroud District Council Sport and
  • Health Initiatives
  • Improved work/life balance