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Hundred - Fitball

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Hundred Exercise Ball

rimary Movers:

Rectus Abdominals, Quadriceps, Gluteals, Deltoids

Stabiliser Muscles:
Rotator Cuff, Lumbar Multifidus
Level of Difficulty:  (7/10) 

scale 7

Frequency: 8-10 Repetitions


  • Lie in the set-up position and activate the pelvic floor and TVA muscles. 
  • Raise your legs in the air so that they are both bent at 90°. 
  • Place the fitball on top of your shins with your legs hip width apart 
  • When ready inhale to prepare and whilst exhaling raise your shoulders and upper back off the floor. 
  • Breath in and whilst you do move your arms up and down in a pump like action for 5 small beats 
  • Breath out and repeat the 5 small beats 

Teaching Points

  • Keep the TVA muscles engages and compress the abdominal muscles 
  • Move the arms up and down in small movements to promote circulation