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Hundred L2 Pilates

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 Hundred L2

rimary Movers:
Hamstrings, Gluteals, Pectorals, Deltoids, Latissimus Dorsi (upper back)
Stabiliser Muscles: 
Tranverse Abdominals

Level of Difficulty:

Scale 2

Hold for 8-10 breaths then alternate leg 

  • Lie on your back in the set-up position.   
  • Inhale to prepare and gently lift one leg off the floor bringing the knee to rest directly above the hip   
  • The thigh should pointing uptowards the ceiling with the leg relaxed.  
  • Raise the second leg to come up alongside the first leg.  
  • Hold the position for the required amount of breaths ensuring neautral spine is maintained.  
  • Inhale to prepare and then gently lower the leg to resume the starting position.  
 Teaching Points  
  • Ensure the upper body remains relaxed  
  • Keep the knee at a 90degree angle with the shin parallel to the floor  
  • If you find it difficult to maintain neutral they you may find it easier to imprint the spine to support the back.   
  • Don't press into the floor during the movements