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Oblique Curl - Fitball

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Ob Curl Ball 

Primary Muscles:
Hip Flexors, Rectus Abdominals

oblique curl muscles

Rotator Cuff, Transverse Abdominals, obliques, Lumbar Multifidus                                         

Level of Difficulty: (5/10)   

scale 5

10-15 Reps - General toning


  • Sit yourself on the ball so that your feet are directly below your knees and your back is upight. 
  • The feet should be shoulder width apart 
  • Slowly walk your feet forward, as you do so lower your upper body until you body is parellel to the floor  
  • Ensure that your bottom is in contact with the ball. 
  • Place one hand on your head and one hand on eyour thigh  
  • Raise your body and at the same time slide the arm along the thight towards the outside of the opposite knee. 
  • Momentarily pause and then lower body when returning to the starting position  
Teaching Points  
  • Reach your arm to the outside of the opposite knee 
  • Initiate movement from the torso not the shoulders  
  • Avoid rounding the shoulders  
  • Keep eyes looking up and forward  
  • Keep your legs at 90° angle and feet under knees 

  • Keep the ball as still as possible. 
  • Breath out as you raise the body and breath in as you lower  



  • Position your bottom slightly off the ball
  • Widen your stance 
  • Position your bottom further towards the middle of the ball 
  • Bring your feet closer together 
  • Place a light dumbbell on your stomach