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The Plank    

Primary Muscles:
Abdominals, Lower Back

Plank Muscles

Secondary Muscles: 
Deltoids, Pectorals

 Difficulty Level: (5/10)   

scale 5

     • Hold for
 15-60 seconds


  • Lying on your front raise your chest and bring your forearms to rest on the floor underneath with the elbows sat beneath the shoulders.
  • Activate the pelvic floor and TVA and take a breath to prepare.
  • As you exhale lift the hips off the floor by pressing the pubic bone against the floor.
  • When ready gently lower to starting position 
 Teaching Points 
  • Use your core strength to hold the position
  • Keep tension out of the lower back
  • Use a normal breathing pattern
  • Keep the hips still
  • To make the exercises easier drop your knees onto the floor
  • Ensure that a straight line exists from the heels through to the shoulds.


  • Place your knees on the floor 
  • Reduce the amount of time the position is held for 
  • Increase the position held to 60seconds
  • Place one foot over the ankle of the other