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Reverse Crunch

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Reverse crunch

Primary Muscles:
Lower Rectus Abs

Reverse Crunch Muscles

Secondary Muscles: 
Upper Rectus Abs, Lower back

Level of Difficulty: (4/10)  

Scale 4

 10-15 Reps - General toning


  • Lie on your back with knees bent and feet on the floor  
  • Place hands on the floor to the side 
  • Keeping your back pressed into the floor and knees bent, slowly bring your knees up towards the chest so they bend about 90°
  • Contract your abs and bring you knees and thighs toward the chest  
  • Lower and repeat.  
  • Place hands on the floor or behind the head   
Teaching Points  
  • Keep the upper body still  
  • Exhale as your bring your legs towards you and inhale as they lower towards the floor 
  • Maintain the angle in the knees at 90° throughout the movement
  • Avoid the lower back over arching  


  • Decrease range of movement  
  • Support the lower back by pressing it into the mat/floor  
  • Extend legs and keep them parallel to the floor  
  • Come up into an abdominal crunch as your bring your knees toward your chest (Ultimate crunch)