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Roll Back

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Roll Back  

rimary Movers:
Rectus Abdominals, Hip flexors, Hamstrings

Stabiliser Muscles: 
Tranverse Abdominals, Rotator Cuff, Scapulae Stabilisers                                                                               

Level of Difficulty:

Scale 4

8-10 Repetitions 

  • Sit yourself upright with you legs bent and feet on the floor. 
  • Keep your upper body straight and place your arms out in front of you level with your shoulders. 
  • Take a breath to prepare and then gently roll back  so that your feet point up towards the ceiling and then roll back forward again to the starting position 
  • Exhale throughout the movement 


 Teaching Points  
  • Ensure your feet do not go past the line of the head  
  • Keep your shoulders relaxed 
  • Keep the movement fluid and continous 
  • Keep looking at your knees throughout the exercise