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Scissors L3 - Pilates

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Scissors L3  

rimary Movers:
Quadriceps (thigh) Hip Flexors, Rectus Abdominals
Stabiliser Muscles: 
Tranverse Abdominals, Lumbar Multifidus, Obliques
Level of Difficulty:   (8/10) 

 scale 8

 8-10 Repetitions on each leg  


  • Lie in the set-up position and activate the pelvic floor and TVA muscles. 
  • Take a few lateral thoracic breaths before commencing the exercise. 
  • With both legs in the air in the starting position, take a breath to prepare and then exhale and slowly lower one leg away from the body towards the floor 
  • Breath in as you return the leg back to the starting position 
  • Exhale and then alternate so that the other leg lowers and repeat as above 
 Teaching Points  
  • Keep the pelvis stable 
  • Keep knee slightly soft 
  • Shoulders stay relaxed 
  • Keep the TVA muscles and Pelvic Floor engaged