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Seated Row

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DB Seated Row Ball 

Primary Muscles:
Lat Dorsi, Rhomboids, Biceps

Secondary Muscles:
Trapezius, Rotator Cuff, Posterior Deltoids, Serratus Anterior, Rectus Abs, Transverse Abs

Level of Difficulty:

scale 3

Repetitions:                                                                                   ___   10-15 Reps -General toning

  • Sit yourself on the ball so that your feet are directly below your knees and your back is upight. 
  • The feet should be shoulder width apart. 
  • Hold a couple of dumbbells in each hand raise your arms infront of you level with your chest
  • When ready, bring your hands toward the chest bending at the elbow
  • Squeeze the shoulder blades together as your elbows come past the line of the spine
  • Extend the arms to prepare for the next repetition
Teaching Points  
  • Breath out as draw the arms back and breath in as you extend the arms
  • Keep your back upright
  • Engage your core muscles throughout


  • Alternate your arms
  • Widen your stance
  • Decrease range of movement 
  • Decrease weight 
  • Bring your feet closer together
  • Take one leg off the ball
  • Increase weight
  • Decrease repetition speed