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Semi Legs Flexed

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Semi Legs Flexed Up

Primary Muscles:
Lower Rectus Abs

Semi Legs Curl Muscles

Upper Rectus Abdominus, Obliques

Level of Difficulty: (7/10)   

Scale 7

     10-15 Reps - General toning                                        


  • This exercise is particularly demanding and works the transverse and lower abdominals. 
  • Lie on you back in the set-up position but this time raise legs vertically. 
  • Keeping your shoulders on the ground slowly kick your feet up vertically keeping your back on the floor. 
Teaching Points  
  • Support your back by drawing your lower back into the mat while you raise both feet off the mat 
  • Keep your core mucles contracted throughout 
  • Exhale as your legs go up and inhale as they return
  • Avoid using your arms to generate the movement 


  • Decrease the range of movement
  • Increase the angle in the knees
  • The shorter / tighter the fluttering distance the more intense the lower abs are worked