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Shoulder Press - Fitball

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Shoulder Press Ball


Primary Muscles:
Deltoids, Triceps 

shoulder press muscles

Secondary Muscles: 

Level of Difficulty: (5/10)   

Scale 5

   10-15 Reps - General toning
  • Sit yourself on the ball so that your feet are directly below your knees and your back is upight. 
  • The feet should be shoulder width apart. 
  • Hold a couple of dumbbells in each hand and raise your arms until your elbows lie just beneath your shoulders. 
  • When ready, gently raise the hands above the head until you arms are straight (but do not lock the elbow joint). 
  • Gently lower the arms as you return to the starting position with your elbow just beneath your shoulders. 
Teaching Points  
  • Breath out as your raise your arms and breath in as you lower.   
  • Be careful not to arch your lower back and keep it well supported.  
  • Keep shoulders even and ensure both arms move at the same controlled pace, avoid letting your dominant arm move more quickly  
  • Exercise should be slow and controlled, resist the urge to speed the repetition up as your muscles begin to fatigue. 
  • Keep back straight, don't lean back.   
  • Widen your stance 
  • Decrease range of movement 
  • Bring your feet closer together 
  • Take one leg off the ball 
  • Increase weight 
  • Decrease repetition speed