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Side Leg Lift

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Side leg lift 


Primary Muscles:



Glutes, Core Muscles

Level of Difficulty: (8/10) 

scale 8

10-15 Reps - General toning


  • Position the body side onto some support such as a chair or tablle

  • Stand upright in a vertical position with your shoulders back and feet together

  • Slowly lift the outside the leg out to the side

  • Momentarily pause and then bring the leg back down towards the floor.

  • Repeat as necessary and  then alternate sides

Teaching Points

  • Do not move the leg forward or backward during the movement phase 
  • Breath out as the leg moves away from the body and and breath in and the leg comes toward the body


  • Decrease the range of movement


  • Do not let the foot return to the floor between each repetition 
  • If available, add an ankle weight to the leg