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Single Leg Stretch L1 - Pilates

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Single Leg Stretch L2                                                                                                                
rimary Movers:
Quadriceps (thigh) Hip Flexors
Stabiliser Muscles: 
Tranverse Abdominals, Lumbar Multifidus, Obliques
Level of Difficulty:   (3/10) 

Scale 3

 10-12 Repetitions per leg


  • Lying in the set-up position,when ready inhale to prepare, and then as you exhale slowly lift one leg off the floor to bring the knee to rest directly above the hip.  
  • The leg should be held at a right angle with the shin parellel to the floor as in the level 1 hundred.   
  • Inhale to prepare then exhale and extend the leg which is in the air so that the foot points diaganally away from the body.  
  • Inhale and return the leg to starting the position.  

 Teaching Points  

  • Keep the non moving leg still  
  • Upper body remains relaxed  
  • Keep lateral thoracic breathing  
  • Avoid locking (straightening) the knee joint  
  • If you lose neutral spine your leg which is in the air is too close to the floor