Nudging u to better health


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Primary Muscles:
Lower Back, Gluteals

superman muscles

Abdominals, Deltoids 

Level of difficulty: (2/10)

scale 2

   10-15 Reps - General toning  
  • To begin, lie straight and face down on the floor or exercise mat. 
  • Your arms should be fully extended in front of you.  
  • Using one arm and leg at a time. Simply elevate your left leg and right arm simultaneously until you feel a stretch in the lower corner of the back.
  • Hold momentarily and then lower arm and leg together. 
  • Repeat the exercise on the right leg and left arm 
Teaching Points  
  • Don't rock the hips 
  • Avoid hyperextension of the back (a big arch)
  • Exhale as you raise the arm and leg and inhale as you lower
  • Keep the limbs straight throughout the movement 
  • The arm should stay in line with the shoulder and the leg should stay in line with the hip
  • Lift one arm but leave both leg on the floor 
  • Alternatively, raise one leg and leave both arms on the 
  • Lift both arms and legs off the ground together
  • Hold a light weight in each hand