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Swan L1 - Pilates

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Swan L1        

rimary Movers:

Erector Spinae, Quadratus Lumborum

Stabiliser Muscles:

Transverse Abdominals, Obliques, Lumbar Multifidus, Rotator Cuff

Level of Difficulty:

Scale 2

  8-10 Repetitions


  • Lie on your front with your forehead touching the mat
  • Position your arms on the mat so that your elbows are bent and in line with your elbows.
  • Keep your palms facing the mat and your toes pointing slightly inwards
  • Inhale to prepare then slowly raise your chest of the mat 
  • As you do so lengthen through the middle part of the spine.
  • Inhale at the top of the movement and gently lower to return to the starting position. 

 Teaching Points  

  • Pretend your are holding a tennis ball between the chin and the chest  
  • Keep your face looking on the floor 
  • Do not push the stomach into the floor  
  • Maintain lateral thoracic breathing