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Swimming L2 - Pilates

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Swimming L2                                                                                                                        
rimary Movers:
Hamstrings, Gluteals, Quadriceps (thighs), Trapezius
Stabiliser Muscles: 
Tranverse Abdominals, Lumbar Multifidus, Obliques

Level of Difficulty:

Scale 3

 10-12 Repetitions

  • The starting position for swimming is slightly different to level 1.  
  • Begin the exercise resting on your hands and knees.  
  • Ensure that your hands sit directly underneath your shoulders and your knees fall directly beneath your hips.  
  • Engage pelvic floor and activate the TVA muscles and when ready take a breath to prepare.  
  • As you exhale slowly extend one leg away from the body sliding the toes across the floor.  
  • Once the leg is extended lift until the foot is level with the hip.  
  • Take a breath to prepare and then exhale as you resume the starting position.  
 Teaching Points   
  • Keep the upper body relaxed   
  • imagine drawing a straight line in some sand with your foot  
  • Keep elbows soft  
  • Challenge your stabiliser muscles  
  • Keep core muscles engaged to support upper body