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Tricep Dips - Fitball

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Dips Ball

Primary Muscles:

tri ext muscles

Deltoids, Pectorals

 Difficulty Level: (8/10)    

scale 8

  10-15 Reps - General toning


  • Sit yourself on the ball so that your feet are slightly in front of your knees and your back is upight. 
  • The feet should be shoulder width apart. 
  • Place your hands underneath the outside of your bum 
  • When ready lift your bum off the ball and bring it forward 
  • Now, carefully lower your bum towards the floor until your elbows are at right angles 
  • Slowly straighten your arms and lift your body away from the floor 
Teaching Points   
  • Keep the ball still 
  • Don't point your elbows out to the side as you lower the body 
  • Breath in as you lower and exhale as you extend the arms 
  • Keep a good posture and do not rock the shoulder forward as you lower, move from the elbow                                                                              


  • Use a table or chair 


  • Lift one leg off the floor 
  • Increase range of movement