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Tricep Dips

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Tricep Dips       

Primary Muscles:
Triceps, Pectorals

tri ext muscles

Deltoids, Biceps,Trapezius

 Level of Difficulty:  (5/10)    

scale 5

 10-15 Reps - General toning
  • Sit comfortably on a bench or chair 
  • Place your hands to the side and gently lift your bottom forward off the bench/chair. 
  • Keep your arms slightly bent and then lower your bottom towards the floor 
  • Once you arms are at approximately a 90degree angle extend your arms back to the starting position 
  • Lead the movement from your arms rather than the hips 


Teaching Points 

  • Ensure the movement is up and down and  moving forward 
  • Keep your core muscles engaged 
  • Do not lock the elbows inbetween each repetition 


  • Decrease the range of movement in your arms 
  • Place a small block or stool under your feet