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Understanding Food Labels

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What to look for when you go shopping:
  • Check the ‘ingredients’ list. The higher up the list the item is the more of it the food contains 
  • Look at the nutrition information table for the ‘total amount of fat’ in foods. You will not need to ‘count calories’ as by cutting down on fat you will naturally cut down on calories. 

 The recommended maximum daily guidelines are:

   Men Women 
 Fat (Total)  95g  70g 

 Fat of which saturates

 30g  20g
 Carbohydrates, of which sugars  70g  50g
 Salt  6g  6g
 Fibre  20g  16g


NB these figures are a guide only


How much is a lot or little?


For foods that you eat in large amounts, such as ready meals, look at the ‘amount per serving’. For snacks and other foods you eat in smaller amounts look at the ‘per 100g’ information 



   A lot  A Little
 Total fat  20g  3g 
 Fat, of which saturates  5g  1g 
 Carbohydrates, of which sugars  10g  2g


 Fibre  3g  0.5g