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Research reveals Brits just not bothered about exercise

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Weight Watchers UK has commissioned research that reveals that a third of British adults admit to being lazy - and would always take the lift instead of the stairs
 The findings emerged in a study of 2,683 people aged 18 and over and found 32 per cent will always drive short distances, when walking is a viable option. 

More than half of those polled often duck out of regular exercise sessions in favour of a night on the sofa, and the same number admit they find it hard to motivate themselves to leave the house to do anything once they have returned from work. 

Key factors which contribute to Brits leading such sedentary lifestyles include lack of time, long working hours and being too busy. But 33 per cent of people admit they simply can't be bothered to do anything but relax in their spare time. Weight Watchers, conducted the research to launch the 'Move More in May' campaign which has been launched to encourage Brits to be more active. 

Zoe Hellman, Head of Public Health for Weight Watchers, said: "According to our research, more than 14 million adults are leading more inactive lifestyles than is healthy or necessary. "The lack of motivation that this research highlights is putting people at risk of far reaching health issues later in life including obesity, Type-2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease." "Being inactive becomes habit, so we get used to lounging around in our spare time rather than exercising the recommended five or more times a week.  

"Even when people feel motivated enough to leave their house they are opting to use the car or public transport rather than walking or cycling. "It is about nudging people into changing their habits for the long term to reap the benefits not only for their body but their mind too." 

Stuart Biddle, Professor of Physical Activity and Health at Loughborough University comments for Weight Watchers: "Lack of time is a commonly stated barrier to doing more, or any, physical activity. However, researchers have stated that this is more a perception than reality. 

"If people average 2-3 hours of TV viewing per night as this research shows, they do have time for some physical activity. It is therefore more to do with motivation and priorities than lack of real time." 

Exercising isn't the only thing which suffers because British adults can't be bothered. A third of those questioned would decline a night out with friends or family if they didn't want to go to the trouble of getting ready. And friendships have even suffered over laziness - as people text rather than phone, email rather than sending letters and Facebook instead of sending birthday cards. 

Incredibly 17 per cent of Brits don't even have enough drive to have sex with their partner at the end of a long day - preferring to go straight to sleep instead. The survey shows the average person does nothing but sit down for an average of four nights a week, and incredibly a fifth of Brits do absolutely no exercise at all on any night of the week. 


  1. Put something off for days because you can't be bothered Take the lift rather than using the stairs 
  2. Decline a night out because you don't want to get ready 
  3. Text people rather than call as it's less effort 
  4. Email rather than send letters as it's quicker 
  5. Drive to the corner shop rather than walk 
  6. Buy ready meals or takeaways rather than cook 
  7. Decline an exercise session in favour of something else 
  8. Wear creased clothes rather than iron them 
  9. Choose sleep over sex 
  10. Scrape your hair back rather than wash and blow dry it 
  11. Drive to work rather than cycle or walk, regardless of how feasible these options are 
  12. Shove everything under beds rather than tidying properly 
  13. Facebook rather than send Birthday cards 
  14. Join a new gym and then can't be bothered to go 
  15. Cancel plans at the last minute because you can't be bothered to go out 
  16. Wait for the next bus rather than run for the one just leaving 
  17. Food shop online rather than go to the shop 
  18. Let the children watch television so you don't have to play 
  19. Let the dog into the back garden rather than walk it